Ms. Verena Nikolai. From: Other. (08/17/2015)
Die Tour mit Tan war einzigartig und hat uns das echte Vietnam näher gebracht. wir hatten viel Spaß mit ihm und haben uns jederzeit gut aufgehoben und sicher bei ihm gefühlt. Wir können die Tour auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen! Danke Tan für diese einmalige Erfahrung!
Mrs. Jerri Benjamin. From: United States. jerrib44@gmail.com (06/03/2015)
With no wind in the forecast for our Kiteboarding vacation in Mui Ne, my husband and I decided we should finally visit Dalat. We took the bus trip North, befriended the bus driver, who told us we should meet his brother, Easy Rider Mui Dinh. It turned out to be the best thing we did during our 3 month stay in Vietnam. Mui is very fluent in English, absolutely no problem understanding him. He is also extremely knowledgeable!! He could answer any question about any subject. He is gracious, polite and extremely playful with an amazing laugh. We spent one day touring Dalat, he took us to the tourist attractions but promised better adventure to come. And we was right! We chose to go by car for comfort and the driver, Tin, was very friendly and a very safe driver. We did not travel the main tourist roads but the more real Vietnam backroads. Mui could speak all the dialects of the minority groups so we were graciously invited in to their homes where we drank their wine and ate their food. Quite an experience and not for the faint of heart! Between villages, we would stop at coffee plantations, silk farms, incense "factories", dragon fruit farms, beautiful vistas-we could stop anytime we wanted to! Mui would find good local eateries, we would be the only foreigners enjoying the delicious food and drink he would order. We also took a driving tour of the Ho Chi Minh trail and had the opportunity to walk along some of the hidden jungle paths used during the war. He was full historical information about the Vietnam war. We witnessed Napalm damage, agent orange inflicted Vietnamese, many of the ravages of the war. This was our second winter in Vietnam and I have to say it was the best time spent. We came away feeling like now we know Vietnam and it's people. Beautiful land, beautiful people.
Mr. James Robinson. From: United Kingdom. bigskeff@gmail.com (05/19/2015)
I was in DALAT on 2014.12.21 and decided I would like to spend Christmas in Mui Ne near Phan Thiet. Dalat Easy Riders was my choice of transport and what a good decision, Tom was my Guide and Rider he handled his bike with excellent skill. I always felt totally safe and secure on the back of his, meticulously maintained and gleamingly clean motorbike, as the pillion passenger. Tom took me on a grand tour of Dalat and visited silk, flower and mushroom farms before setting off on our spectacular journey across the mountains, through out of the way rural villages, herds of buffaloe, coffee plantations and stunning scenery. Tom was full of information about all of the places we visited, the crops they were growing and the history of Viet Nam. He came over as being very proud of his nation and it's place in the world, a very intelligent young man who will, I have no doubt, go far in this life once he has enjoyed being a Dalat Easy Rider to the full. We stopped for a mid day meal at a roadside cafe and had a very traditional meal which was just what I wanted. He explained that to pick the best cafe you had to look for the one with the most paper napkins on the floor, as this meant there was a good breeze and that the staff were so busy serving new customers that they hadn't had time to sweep up yet! He was correct. We rode on across a changing landscape and eventually came to a magnificent view over the lowland plains below which we descended into and on to Mui Ne before dark where I found a Hotel for the night. Tom went on to a guest house he knew before returning to his work in Dalat the next day. What a way to travel in Viet Nam.. Thank you Tom and Dalat Easy Riders. James with the Walking Stick.
Mr. Marek Rondik. From: Czech Republic. marek05@seznam.cz (03/14/2015)
Skvely zazitek. Stravili jsme tri dny na ceste z Dalat do Muy Ne s Mesi a Kevin. Kluci mluvi vyborne anglicky a ke kazdemu zajimavemu mistu poskytnou detailni komentar, jsou mily a ochotni. Vzali nas nejen na turisticka mista, ale i do mist, ktere by jsme tezko sami hledali. Za tri dny jsme toho videli opravdu hodne a jeden vecer jsme dokonce stravili u pribuznych v dome a slavili Tet. Stravovani bylo naprosro perfektni a kluci maji po ceste overene restaurace kde nepotkate turistu. Nejen, ze to jsou levna mista, ale hlavne gastronomicky vynikajici. Je fakt, ze za tri tydny ve Vietnamu jsem nemal lepsi Pho Bo nez na ceste, v miste, kam nas na nej vzali. Rozhodne doporucuji, stoji to za to.
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